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Peter Green Using the Laloux Model

Peter Green – Agile and Lean Adoption Using the Laloux Cultural Model

While I was attending the CrossKnowledge Talent 2016 conference the other day in Paris, what struck me was how quickly some organisations had seized the opportunity of digital and integrated (mix digital and in-house) solutions to transform culture in the workplace.

It is no news that a large majority of employees are not engaged at work. Today, some workplaces are to living systems what dead zones are to oceans. Now if you live in a dead zone, here are some good news for you under the sun!

There are indeed different ways to bring life back to a team spirit that is out of breath or to an organization’s culture that has been knocked down by procedures, top-down decisions and KPI reporting. Before all millennials and other wit spirits have quit the boat, here are a few resources you may want to tap into to bring back a creative and rejuvenating air in the workplace:

– Governance – the way decisions are made:
There are different emerging approaches, appearing in the US (halocracy), in Québec (sociocratie) and in France (entreprise libérée – freed company). Based on Don Edward Beck’s evolutionary development model of humans, Philippe Laloux has recently modeled an evolutionary development of organisations in his book, « Reinventing organizations« . His model is beautifully capsuled in this 10 min video. There is also a MOOC on managerial innovation – in French – to further discover the way roles and responsibilities can be redefined in the workplace to enhance agility.

– Collaboration – the way we work together:
Author of the Empathy factor, Marie Miyashiro is making the case about why empathy in the work place rocks. For everyone. Creating human connexions to one’s and others’ feelings and needs – a very natural trait – makes employees feel better, customers feel considered and listened to. Happy employees are more likely to stay; happy customers are more likely to come back. There already are many opportunities to get training on empathy and NonViolent Communication, in more than 120 countries around the world, and it won’t be long before MOOCs and digital or blended trainings are available. So anyone can enjoy a more fulfilling way of interacting with one another.

– Self management – the way we deal with oneself and with others:
There was a spot TV in the Netherlands in the 90’s, released by the Ministry of Environment to foster recycling that went like : « a better environment begins by yourself ». It is the same with empathy and quality of relationships in the workplace. Better relationships begin by yourself. Empathy begins by yourself. Kindness begins by yourself.

In his book, Laloux is emphasizing this factor. Following Rooke and Torbert work published in the Harvard Business Review in 2005 on leadership stage development , further research have proven how leadership stage development correlates to the success of transformational change initiatives – and it also correlates to the sustainability maturity of organizations. There are resources out there like trainings and coaching to support leaders in walking along the road less travelled.

The first step is yours though. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy, the journey is worth the effort.
For you and those around you.


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