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What makes a good decision?

Good decision making

Good decision making

And how do you know yours is the best call?

Two recent movies based on real stories, relate the context and the course of events of a miraculous landing and an industrial catastrophe.

Here are some interesting cues we can learn from these experiences about sound decision making.

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What it takes to transform the workplace

Peter Green Using the Laloux Model

Peter Green – Agile and Lean Adoption Using the Laloux Cultural Model

While I was attending the CrossKnowledge Talent 2016 conference the other day in Paris, what struck me was how quickly some organisations had seized the opportunity of digital and integrated (mix digital and in-house) solutions to transform culture in the workplace.

It is no news that a large majority of employees are not engaged at work. Today, some workplaces are to living systems what dead zones are to oceans. Now if you live in a dead zone, here are some good news for you under the sun!

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Being bold through transition times

canstockphoto7675879After a few years in a job position, you may be starting to look for new challenges, albeit not having a clear sense of what they could be. Or maybe you foresee a change in your near future that will require you to take action and create a new situation – new job, world tour, new country, new family status.

Whether initiated by you or not, a period of transition will trigger many aspects in you – in your mind, your body, your spirit – that require your attention.

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