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What it takes to transform the workplace

Peter Green Using the Laloux Model

Peter Green – Agile and Lean Adoption Using the Laloux Cultural Model

While I was attending the CrossKnowledge Talent 2016 conference the other day in Paris, what struck me was how quickly some organisations had seized the opportunity of digital and integrated (mix digital and in-house) solutions to transform culture in the workplace.

It is no news that a large majority of employees are not engaged at work. Today, some workplaces are to living systems what dead zones are to oceans. Now if you live in a dead zone, here are some good news for you under the sun!

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How Can We Learn About Our Relationship With Nature From Indigenous People?


During the first week of COP21, at Le Bourget Climate Generations areas, a few meters away from the ‘Blue Zone’ – I attended a side event on « the vision of indigenous peoples to cope with climate change », organized by the Conseil Regional d’Ile de France, the non-profit association Parole de Nature and the Fondation de France .

Hundreds of people gathered in the main amphitheater to engage during a 3 hours conference with a panel of anthropologists from the CNRS and representatives of indigenous communities from Ecuador (the Kichwa community of Sarayaku), Peru, the United States, Vanuatu, and Tibet.

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Voir l’intelligence collective à l’œuvre à quelque chose d’inspirant

J’animai récemment un World Café avec une quarantaine de « RSG », responsables de services de garde en milieu familial – qu’enfant j’appelais « Nounous ». Nous avons préparé ce World Café avec l’équipe du Bureau coordonnateur de ce service, qui soutient environ 70 RSG d’un quartier de Montréal, dans leur mission de garde et d’éducation des enfants en bas âge.

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